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Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelors Degree

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Behind every successful business is sound leadership.

In today’s fast-paced business world, our Bachelor of Business Administration gives you the management skills to harness the people, resources and strategies needed to achieve your business goals.

You can specialise in either Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing or Tourism, and we allow you the flexibility to determine the structure of your study.

You'll also gain invaluable practical experience via an internship, or you can study elective units from across our undergraduate offerings

This degree can lead you to a career in administrative management roles within private and government organisations, human resource management, marketing, international business and management.  

Course Learning Outcome

GA1: Intellectual rigour

Develop and create effective solutions to straight forward problems from a discipline area.

Critically evaluate, analyse and synthesise a straight forward issue or theory from a discipline area to arrive at a conclusion/decision with justification.

GA2: Creativity

Apply knowledge and skills creatively in devising solutions to challenges related to a business discipline.

GA3: Ethical practice

Describe and apply a recognised ethical framework to analyse behaviour in a discipline or workplace/organisation.

Apply discipline based knowledge and skills in situations that require autonomy and well-developed responsible behaviour.

GA4: Knowledge of a discipline

Demonstrate and apply in-depth discipline specific knowledge and skills with a global perspective.

Demonstrate an understanding and application of research, analytical and technical skills in a broad business discipline.

GA5: Lifelong learning

Demonstrate independent learning skills, reflection in practice, and information literacy skills for lifelong learning.

GA6: Communication and social skills

Prepare and deliver well developed discipline advice, knowledge and ideas orally for a business and public context.

Prepare and deliver well developed and justified, discipline advice using written communications suitable for business and public contexts.

Investigate and identify a broad range of leadership practices in the management of people and self.

Demonstrate the ability to effectively participate in and reflect upon self and team activities in general business situations.

GA7: Cultural competence

Demonstrate cultural competence in local, Australian-wide and international settings as applied in business and social situations.

Demonstrate sensitivity and respect for cultural diversity and the relationship between people in a range of professional and community contexts.

Students may choose, as electives, one or two double-weighted internship units.

Human Resource Management: Equips students with the professional expertise and understanding needed to manage selection and recruitment procedures, training and development, and the performance management of staff.
Management: Equips students with the skills to monitor the changing business and social environment and make sound judgments on the most appropriate directions and actions for an organisation.
Marketing: Students develop analytical business skills, excellent communication skills and an understanding of human behaviour and motivation. They learn how to creative effective marketing strategies and campaigns.
Tourism: Prepares students for a career in tourism, by providing an understanding of tourism management. 

Students may also develop a major from other majors offered within the School of Business and Tourism with course coordinator approval.

Location Teaching period Annual Fees CRICOS
China - TUST Term 1 , Term 5 N/A N/A

Tuition fees are in Australian dollars, and are subject to change, including annual increases over the duration of a course. Annual tuition fee is based on completing 8 units per year. In addition, students are required to pay OSHC for the duration of their visa in advance. Non-tuition fee covers textbooks, stationery and excursions.

Career Outcomes

Students may be eligible to join the Australian Institute of Management (AIM). 

Students wanting to gain professional accreditation for accounting should study the Bachelor of Accounting or the Bachelor of Business.

Students wanting to gain professional accreditation for finance should study the Bachelor of Business.


We encourage you to apply for the courses you most want to study. If you are not eligible to enter your chosen course right now, our team will work with you to find the best pathway option.

Before applying, make sure you double check all entry requirements, gather required documentation and review the University’s Rules Relating to Awards, noting any specifics listed below.

Course requirements

To be eligible to receive the Bachelor of Business Administration, students must complete the equivalent of 24 units (288 credit points), comprising:

  • 15 core units
  • 9 Elective units

Entry requirements

English language requirements apply to International applicants and other applicants whose previous study was undertaken in a language other than English. The minimum English language requirements for such applicants for entry to this course are as follows

Language requirements

To be eligible to receive the Bachelor of Business Administration, students must complete the equivalent of 24 units (288 credit points), comprising:

  • 15 core units
  • 9 Elective units

Course structure

Unit Code Unit Title Notes

Core Units

LEGL1003 Introduction to Business Law
COMM1001 Communication in Organisations
ACCT1001 Accounting and Finance for Business
ECON1001 Economics for Decision Making
MRKT1001 Marketing Principles
ACCT1002 Financial Accounting
ACCT2007 Finance for Business
BUSN3001 Competitive Strategy
BUSN3002 Sustainable Business Management
BUSN3003 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
BUSN3004 International Business
FINC2001 Financial Risk Management
SOCI1004 Applied Ethics and Sustainability Note 1
MGMT1001 Managing Organisations Note 1
STAT1001 Statistical Analysis Note 1

Elective Units

Note 1
Students may select 9 units of University-wide Electives