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Unit of Study FINC3003 - Estate Planning (2022)

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Learning outcomes

Unit Learning Outcomes express learning achievement in terms of what a student should know, understand and be able to do on completion of a unit. These outcomes are aligned with the graduate attributes. The unit learning outcomes and graduate attributes are also the basis of evaluating prior learning.

On completion of this unit, students should be able to:

identify and evaluate client information, risk tolerance, and needs and objectives

apply an understanding of the estate planning process, key estate planning areas, and regulatory and legal framework

construct and present an estate plan

construct and present a comprehensive Statement of Advice (SOA).

Prescribed learning resources

Prescribed Texts
  • McKeown, W, Olynyk, M, Ciancio, L and La, D , 2020, Financial Planning, Essentials Edition, 3rd ed, Wiley. ISBN: 9780730385738.
  • O'Sullivan, Bernie, 2018, Estate & Business Succession Planning, 8th ed, The Tax Institute.

Prescribed Learning Resources may change in future Teaching Periods.