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Unit of Study SPCH1002 - Phonetics and Linguistics for Speech Pathology (2024)

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    UG Coursework Unit

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Learning outcomes

Unit Learning Outcomes express learning achievement in terms of what a student should know, understand and be able to do on completion of a unit. These outcomes are aligned with the graduate attributes. The unit learning outcomes and graduate attributes are also the basis of evaluating prior learning.

On completion of this unit, students should be able to:

describe and transcribe speech sounds using phonetic terminology and the International Phonetic Alphabet, and HCE vowels

describe concepts in the linguistic domains of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, discourse and pragmatics.

demonstrate skills in the grammatical analysis of standard and non-standard forms of language

reflect on the application of phonetic and linguistic knowledge, and language diversity, in speech pathology practice

Prescribed learning resources

Prescribed Texts
  • Burridge, K & Stebbins, TN, 2020, For the love of language: An introduction to linguistics, 2nd edn, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, VIC. ISBN: 9781108701013.
  • McAllister, J & Miller, JE, 2013, Introductory linguistics for speech and language therapy practice, John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken, NJ. ISBN: 978-0-470-67110-8.
Prescribed Resources/Equipment
  • Audio, video and text files for students’ revision of topics
    Self-check exercises and quizzes, including video and audio files for phonemic and phonetic transcription

Prescribed Learning Resources may change in future Teaching Periods.