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Unit of Study LEGL1006 - Jurisprudence (2024)

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Unit Snapshot

Learning outcomes

Unit Learning Outcomes express learning achievement in terms of what a student should know, understand and be able to do on completion of a unit. These outcomes are aligned with the graduate attributes. The unit learning outcomes and graduate attributes are also the basis of evaluating prior learning.

On completion of this unit, students should be able to:

identify the central concerns of both traditional jurisprudence and contemporary legal theory;

critically reflect upon the philosophical assumptions that inform the teaching, learning and practice of Anglo-Australian law;

critically appraise the relationship between theory and practice, in particular, the relationship between ideas about law and specific social, cultural, political and legal practices;

identify and evaluate the ethical frameworks within which our practice, both as lawyers and non-lawyers, operates.

Prescribed learning resources

Prescribed Texts
  • Davies, M, 2023, Asking the Law Question, 5th edn, Lawbook Company, Australia. ISBN: 9780455247038 (print) and 9780455247021 (eBook).
  • Wacks, R, 2021, Understanding Jurisprudence: An Introduction to legal Theory, 6th edn, Oxford University Press, United Kingdom. ISBN: 9780198864677.
Prescribed Resources/Equipment
  • No prescribed resources/equipment.

Prescribed Learning Resources may change in future Teaching Periods.