Course summary

The Graduate Diploma of Business in Global Hotel Leadership provides an introduction to advanced study in contemporary leadership techniques as they apply to the global hotel and hospitality sectors.

Delivered at The Hotel School, Southern Cross University's unique partnership with Mulpha Australia, this course develops applied business skills to support graduates progress their leadership careers in contemporary global hotel industries. Graduates will be prepared to succeed in a middle management role across a range of hotel and hospitality settings.

The curriculum is built on hotel leadership/management principles. Students who successfully complete the Graduate Diploma may choose to progress to the Master of Business in Global Hotel Leadership where they will be exposed to a series of higher level self-management approaches to learning.

Southern Cross University was rated in the world's top 50 universities in tourism and hospitality management by the 2019 Academic Ranking of World Universities. Graduates enjoy excellent prospects – 95 per cent are employed before or shortly after graduation (The Hotel School 2018 Graduate Outcomes Survey).

This course comprises core units in communication, leadership and the global hotel landscape with the opportunity to select from a range of elective units covering hotel and hospitality operations and management.

Graduate AttributeCourse Learning Outcome
Intellectual rigour

Apply critical thinking and intellectual independence to investigate problems in a contemporary hotel context.

Investigate, critically analyse, interpret knowledge in the field of hotel and hospitality leadership


Apply creative thinking to solve problems that require adapting to new situations and changing circumstances.

Generate ideas and concepts relating to hotel business operations

Ethical practice

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of ethical standards and professionalism that apply in a hotel industry context

Apply professional ethical frameworks and sustainable practices to hotel organisations

Knowledge of a discipline

Contextualise knowledge of recent developments in the global hotel context

Demonstrate integrated theoretical knowledge in the study of hotel leadership and management and apply these principles in professional contexts

Lifelong learning

Reflect on and regulate learning and research, with personal autonomy and accountability, using well-developed information literacy skills.

Demonstrate judgement in planning and decision making

Communication and social skills

Develop and communicate ideas clearly, coherently and effectively to others in the field and to broader audiences

Demonstrate self-awareness and apply empathy in professional practice.

Demonstrate an understanding of team dynamics and reflect and improve on becoming an effective member of a team and/or community of practice.

Cultural competence

Practice sensitivity and respect for cultural diversity and the relationship between people, in a range of professional and community contexts

Be aware of importance of culture and diversity within the global hotel industry

Course overview

Course code


Course abbreviation


Credit points


Equivalent units


Domestic duration

1 year full-time; 2 years part-time

International duration

1 year full-time

Availability details


Location Session UAC code QTAC code
Brisbane - The Hotel School 1 N/A N/A
Melbourne - The Hotel School 1 N/A N/A
Sydney - The Hotel School 1 N/A N/A
Online 2 N/A N/A

Domestic fees

Fee paying


Location Session Annual Fees CRICOS
Brisbane - The Hotel School 1 $26,400 ($3,300 per unit) 0101394
Melbourne - The Hotel School 1 $26,400 ($3,300 per unit) 0101394
Sydney - The Hotel School 1 $26,400 ($3,300 per unit) 0101394
Online 3 N/A N/A

Course requirements

See the University’s Rules Relating to Awards, in conjunction with the Specific Award Rules listed below.

To be eligible to receive the Graduate Diploma of Business in Global Hotel Leadership students must complete the equivalent of 8 units (96 credit points), comprising:

  • 3 core units (36 credit points); and
  • 5 elective units (60 credit points).

Exit Awards

Students may be eligible to exit with the Graduate Certificate of Business in Global Hotel Leadership after completing the equivalent of 4 units (48 credit points).

Schedule of units

Title Level of learning Note

Core Units

COMM5001 - Advanced Communication Introductory
HOTL5001 - The Global Hotel Landscape Introductory
HOTL5002 - The Global Hotel Leader Introductory

Elective Units

Select five (5) units from the following:
HOTL5003 - Hotel Property and Operations Introductory
HOTL6002 - Creating the Hotel Customer Intermediate
HOTL6003 - Talent and Culture Advanced
HOTL6009 - Strategic Rooms Division Intermediate
HOTL6007 - Innovation and Enterprise Intermediate
HOTL6008 - Leading Food and Beverage Supply Chains Intermediate