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Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Management

Graduate Diploma

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The Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Management bridges the gap between your existing technology knowledge and managerial capabilities. It covers core and compulsory units of the Master of Information Technology Management, but allows you to choose electives and shape your Graduate Diploma to your interests or career aspirations.

IT systems management and design, data management and emerging technology units are complemented by a solid grounding in business – for example project management and leadership. Graduate in as few as eight months or continue on and complete your Master of Information Technology Management at a later stage, with advanced standing.

The Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Management is available via an online delivery mode, offering up to six intakes a year.

Course Learning Outcome

Critically evaluate, analyse and synthesis a complex issue or theory from an information technology area to arrive at a conclusion or decision.

Develop and create effective solutions to complex problems from an information technology management perspective.

Apply discipline based knowledge and professional skills in situations that require autonomy and a high level of responsible behaviour.

Analyse and compare challenging ethical issues within a professional context.

Demonstrate and apply advanced discipline knowledge and skills in specialised information technology areas.

Apply and integrate research methods and principles to complex management situations.

Critically evaluate, analyse and synthesise a complex issue or theory from the information technology discipline by showing intellectual independence, personal judgement and the ability to apply self-learning strategies.

Prepare and deliver advanced discipline advice, knowledge and ideas using oral and written techniques for a business or public audience.

Demonstrate leadership,professional behaviour and ability to participate in a professional team.

Demonstrate and apply advanced discipline knowledge and skills with a global perspective.

Our Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Management is comprised of a wide range of units, covering all aspects of information technology, business, as well as subjects that allow you to understand the bridge between these two fields.

This enables you to develop a vast range of knowledge, and gives you the best chance at successfully managing a team once you graduate.

Location Teaching period UAC code QTAC code
SCU Online Study Period 1 , Study Period 2 , Study Period 3 , Study Period 4 , Study Period 5 , Study Period 6 N/A N/A


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Before applying, make sure you double check all entry requirements, gather required documentation and review the University’s Rules Relating to Awards, noting any specifics listed below.

Course requirements

To be eligible to receive the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology Management students must complete 96 credit points, comprising:

  • 6 core units, and
  • 24 credit points from either business administration electives, or project management electives.

Exit awards

Students may be eligible to exit with the Graduate Certificate of Information Technology Management after completing 48 credit points as specified in the Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management course structure.

Course structure

Unit Code Unit Title Notes


DATA5001 Data Management
ISYS5001 Emerging Technology in Business
ISYS5002 Information Systems Analysis and Design
ISYS6005 Information Systems Security Management
BUSN6009 Managing Information Systems (Online)
COMP6005 Managing Digital Enterprise (Online)


Select two (2) elective units from one (1) of the elective lists below:

Unit Code Unit Title Notes
BUSN6006 Strategic Knowledge Management (Online)
BUSN6008 Strategy and Case Analysis (Online)
MGMT6003 The Positive Leader (Online) Note 1
PROJ5002 Project Management Principles
BUSN6002 Global Business (Online)
ACCT6013 Corporate Governance for Managers (Online)

Unit Code Unit Title Notes
PROJ5002 Project Management Principles
PROJ5003 Project Management: Initiation and Planning
PROJ6001 Project Management: Quality, Control and Risk
PROJ6003 Leading and Managing Projects
PROJ6005 Project Procurement and Contract Management
PROJ6006 Portfolio and Program Management