Course summary

Career Start in Science (Study Abroad) is a full-time course that equips students with English language proficiency (General English + English for Academic Purposes) as well as foundational knowledge and skills in the areas of environmental science, marine science and management, forestry science and management and engineering.

This course is offered by SCU College which provides students with a highly supportive study environment through College Connect.

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Domestic duration

0.625 years full-time

International duration

0.625 years full-time

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Course requirements

See the University’s Rules Relating to Awards, in conjunction with the Specific Award Rules listed below.

  1. To meet the requirements of this program you must complete 5 units comprising:
    1. All units in Part A;
    2. All units in Part B; and
    3. 2 units from Part C.

Schedule of units

Title Level of learning Note
Students must successfully complete Part A, before progressing to Parts B and C.

Part A

ENG10002 - English for Academic Purposes Introductory
Parts B and C are undertaken concurrently.

Part B

EDU10010 - Language and Learning in your Discipline Introductory
MAT10001 - Foundation Mathematics Introductory

Part C

2 units from the following:
SCI10001 - Nature of Science Introductory
BIO00201 - Biology Introductory
SCI10002 - Science in Society Introductory
ENG10759 - Processes and Philosophy of Engineering Introductory
PHY10760 - Physics and Materials Introductory