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Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, Bachelor of Laws

Bachelors Double Degree

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    BSport&ExSc, LLB

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Students who undertake a double degree are candidates for both degrees and are able to complete the two degrees with five years of full-time study or part-time equivalent.

The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is a recognised degree for admission as a lawyer throughout Australia. Whatever their field of interest, the LLB will equip students with the intellectual, critical and practical skills needed in the professional practice of law.

The Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science prepares students with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to practise as professionals in the field of exercise and sports science.

Applicants who do not have the required entry mark are encouraged to apply for the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science. If those students achieve the required grade point average during the course, they may then apply for transfer into the double degree.

Graduate AttributeCourse Learning Outcome
Intellectual rigour

Demonstrate the intellectual and practical skills needed to identify, research, evaluate and synthesise relevant factual, legal and policy issues.


Apply legal reasoning, critical analysis and research to generate appropriate responses to legal problems.

Ethical practice

Demonstrate an understanding of approaches to ethical decision-making and an ability to recognise, reflect upon, and respond to ethical issues likely to arise in professional contexts.

Demonstrate an ability to recognise and reflect upon the professional responsibilities of lawyers in promoting justice and in service to the community.

Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between law and sustainability.

Knowledge of a discipline

Demonstrate an understanding of a broad and coherent body of knowledge that includes the fundamental areas of law, the Australian legal system, and underlying principles and concepts, including international and comparative contexts, and the broader contexts within which legal issues arise.

Demonstrate an understanding of the international and comparative contexts in which legal issues arise.

Lifelong learning

Learn and work independently.

Reflect on and assess their own capabilities and performance, and seek and make use of feedback as appropriate, to determine personal and professional development needs and achievements.

Access, manage and evaluate sources of information relevant to legal research and practice

Communication and social skills

Communicate in ways that are effective, appropriate and persuasive for legal and non-legal audiences.

Collaborate effectively and constructively with others.

Cultural competence

Apply an understanding of Australian Indigenous perspectives to all aspects of legal professional practice.

Law students can undertake voluntary legal experience and professional placement with legal firms or offices, to complement their practical legal skills and become familiar with the issues facing working lawyers.

There are no majors in this double degree, however, a diverse range of law-based elective units is available.

Location Teaching period UAC code QTAC code
Lismore Session 1 336106 056081

Career Outcomes

The Bachelor of Laws fulfils the academic requirements for admission to the legal profession, but professional admission authorities also require law graduates of all universities to complete practical legal training or similar to be eligible for admission.

Students who intend to practise law outside Australia should check with the relevant country’s admission body to confirm their admission requirements.


We encourage you to apply for the courses you most want to study. If you are not eligible to enter your chosen course right now, our team will work with you to find the best pathway option.

Before applying, make sure you double check all entry requirements, gather required documentation and review the University’s Rules Relating to Awards, noting any specifics listed below.

Course requirements

To be eligible for the award of a double degree including Law a candidate shall successfully complete not less than the equivalent of forty (40) units and comply with the applicable Schedule attached to these Rules. 
Any Rules governing unit selection relating to a single degree named in the Double Degree Schedules are deemed to have been met by compliance with that Double Degree Schedule;
Duration of Course 
Normally, unless the School Boards otherwise determine, a candidate shall be required to complete the requirements of the double degrees in not more than twelve (12) years from the date of commencement. 
Law Degree with Honours 
This Rule is the same as the Bachelor of Laws Honours Rule.

Course structure

Your course progression is in the recommended order you should complete your course in. It is important that you follow this to ensure you meet the course requirements. For further assistance see How to Enrol in Units using My Enrolment.

Students should use course progression information to select units specific to their course and enrol in these units using My Enrolment.

Unit Code Unit Title Available Credit points Level of learning Notes
Session 1, Year 1
LAW00051 -  Legal Research and Writing Introductory
LAW00111 -  Legal Process Introductory Note 1
BIO01302 -  Human Anatomy Introductory
MNG00301 -  Sport Management Principles Introductory
Session 2, Year 1
LAW10180 -  Law of Torts Introductory
LAW00112 -  Constitutional Law Intermediate
MAT00330 -  Research and Analysis in Health Introductory
BIO00307 -  Human Physiology Introductory
Session 1, Year 2
LAW10001 -  Contract Law I Introductory
LAW10002 -  Australian Criminal Law I Introductory
LAW00118 -  Environmental Law Intermediate
HEA00331 -  Principles of Behaviour in Physical Activity Introductory
Session 2, Year 2
LAW10003 -  Contract Law II Intermediate
LAW10004 -  Australian Criminal Law II Intermediate
HMS00202 -  Principles and Practices of Sport and Exercise Science Introductory
HMS01202 -  Sport and the Law Intermediate
Session 1, Year 3
BIO00203 -  Exercise Physiology Intermediate
BIO00207 -  Mechanics for Movement Introductory
LAW00520 -  The Philosophy of Law Intermediate
LAW00114 -  Evidence and Civil Procedure Intermediate
Session 2, Year 3
LAW00115 -  Equity Intermediate
LAW00116 -  Property Law Intermediate
MNG00307 -  Sports Policy and Planning Intermediate
MKT00320 -  Sport Marketing Intermediate
Session 1, Year 4
LAW00527 -  Corporations Law Intermediate
HMS00203 -  Sports Conditioning and Training Methods Intermediate
FIN00320 Sport Economics and Finance
MNG00303 -  Sport Organisation Leadership Intermediate
Session 2, Year 4
LAW00519 -  Professional Conduct Advanced Note 1
LAW00117 -  Administrative Law Intermediate
MNG00306 -  Small Business and Entrepreneurship for Allied Health, Fitness and Sport Introductory
MKT00205 -  Sport Promotion and Public Relations Intermediate
Session 1, Year 5
NUT00330 -  Nutrition for Health and Physical Activity Intermediate
MNG00305 -  Sport Facilities and Events Advanced
2 Part B PART B
Session 2, Year 5
4 Part B PART B

Note 1:

unit requires compulsory workshop attendance

Unit Code Unit Title Level of learning Notes

Part A

LAW00051 Legal Research and Writing Introductory
LAW00111 Legal Process Introductory
BIO01302 Human Anatomy Introductory
MNG00301 Management for Sport and Exercise Introductory
LAW10180 Law of Torts Introductory
MAT00330 Research and Analysis in Health Introductory
BIO00307 Human Physiology Introductory
LAW00112 Constitutional Law Intermediate
LAW10001 Contract Law I Introductory
LAW10002 Australian Criminal Law I Introductory
LAW00118 Environmental Law Intermediate
HEA00331 Principles of Behaviour in Physical Activity Introductory
LAW10003 Contract Law II Intermediate
LAW10004 Australian Criminal Law II Intermediate
HMS00202 Principles and Practices of Sport and Exercise Science Introductory
HMS01202 Sport and the Law Intermediate
BIO00203 Exercise Physiology Intermediate
BIO00207 Mechanics for Movement Introductory
LAW00520 The Philosophy of Law Intermediate
LAW00114 Evidence and Civil Procedure Intermediate
LAW00115 Equity Intermediate
LAW00116 Property Law Intermediate
MNG00307 Sports Policy and Planning Intermediate
MKT00320 Sport Marketing Intermediate
LAW00527 Corporations Law Intermediate
HMS00203 Sports Conditioning and Training Methods Intermediate
ACC10707 Accounting and Finance for Business Introductory
MNG00303 Sport Organisation Leadership Intermediate
LAW00519 Professional Conduct Advanced
LAW00117 Administrative Law Intermediate
MNG00306 Small Business and Entrepreneurship for Allied Health, Fitness and Sport Introductory
MKT00205 Sport Promotion and Public Relations Intermediate
NUT00330 Nutrition for Health and Physical Activity Intermediate
MNG00305 Sport Facilities and Events Advanced

Part B

Unit Code Unit Title Level of learning Notes
ACC00132 Taxation Advanced
ACC00134 Advanced Taxation Advanced
LAW00054 Family Law Practice Intermediate
LAW00057 Conveyancing Law Intermediate
LAW00059 Welfare Law Intermediate
LAW00061 Drugs, Crime and the Law Intermediate
LAW00062 Wills and Estates Intermediate
LAW00104 Employment and Industrial Relations Law Advanced
LAW00106 EEO and OH&S Law and Practice Advanced
LAW00118 Environmental Law Intermediate
LAW00119 Local Government and Planning Law Intermediate
LAW00120 Victimology Intermediate
LAW00121 Intellectual Property Advanced
LAW00122 Clinical Legal Experience Intermediate
LAW00123 Law Placement Advanced
LAW00124 International Business Law Intermediate
LAW00125 Information Technology and the Law Advanced
LAW00126 Competition and Consumer Law Intermediate
LAW00214 Mediation and Dispute Resolution Introductory
LAW00216 Mediation Practice and Procedure Intermediate
LAW00514 Criminology Intermediate
LAW00516 Advanced Advocacy Intermediate
LAW00521 International Law Intermediate
LAW00522 Human Rights Advanced
LAW00523 Commercial Law Intermediate
LAW00524 Independent Legal Research Advanced
LAW00525 Cyberlaw Intermediate
LAW00526 International Criminal Justice Advanced
LAW00528 Law Review Intermediate
LAW00529 Restorative Justice Intermediate
LAW01125 Stock Exchange and Finance Law Intermediate
LAW10160 Public Interest Advocacy Advanced
LAW10166 Entertainment Law Advanced
LAW10167 International Intellectual Property Law and Public Policy Intermediate
LAW10168 Privacy Law and the Private Sector Intermediate
LAW10170 Race and the Law Intermediate
LAW10169 Human Rights and the Global Economy Advanced
LAW10171 Mediating Across Cultures Introductory
LAW10181 Legal Research: Context, Perspective and Method Advanced
LAW10206 The Holocaust, Genocide and the Law Intermediate
LAW10207 Psychiatry, Psychology and the Law Advanced
LAW10288 Mooting Advanced
LAW10292 Education and the Law Intermediate
LAW10472 International Human Rights Law Intermediate
LAW10487 Animal Law Intermediate
LAW10488 Crime, Globalisation and Governance Intermediate
LAW10489 Australian Military and National Security Law Intermediate
LAW10490 Trials and Witnesses Intermediate
LAW10491 Sexual Orientation and the Law Intermediate
LAW10527 Comparative Law Advanced
LAW10698 International Trade and Development Law Advanced
LAW10727 Marine Animal Protection Law Intermediate
LAW30001 Ecological Jurisprudence Intermediate
LAW30002 Advanced Sports Law Advanced
LAW30003 International Humanitarian Law Intermediate