Course summary

The one-year Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours adds to the skills and knowledge acquired during the Bachelor degree, and moves students closer to a career as a registered psychologist.

Students learn pre-professional skills in psychology, such as interview and counselling skills, culturally responsive and ethical practice in psychology, basic assessment strategies in psychology and psychometric theory, and how to apply evidence-based psychology interventions across different settings.

With the guidance and support of our academics, students focus on a research project in psychology and thus grow their understanding of research methodologies and data analysis.

Psychology honours completed after a three-year accredited sequence of study in psychology is the minimum qualification required to apply for provisional registration as a psychologist in Australia. It is also required training to apply for postgraduate programs, including postgraduate research programs.

For more information on the Honours year, please see the Honours Handbook and visit our page about studying this course in Coffs Harbour or at the Gold Coast.


The Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours must be completed within 1 year of full-time study and 2 years of part-time study.

The one-year Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours allows students to focus on a research project in psychology with the support of specialist academics.

Course Learning Outcome

Investigate, critically analyse, synthesise, and interpret complex knowledge about human behaviour and mental processes

Use reasoning and evidence to recognise, develop, defend, and criticise arguments and persuasive appeals

Develop innovative and creative responses to challenges in research and professional practices of psychology, and to problems in everyday life and in society

Demonstrate respect, integrity, responsibility, and adaptability in professional and research practice

Demonstrate an understanding of principles and methods of inquiry applicable to the science and practice of psychology

Demonstrate autonomy, reflection, and a high level of information literacy skills for lifelong learning in research and professional practice

Communicate concisely and appropriately in an oral and written form in an academic and professional context

Apply scholarly and professional practices that are informed by cultural awareness and cultural competence, global perspectives, inclusivity, and respect for the rights of all persons

Completion of the Bachelor of Psychological Science degree and the Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours meets the requirements for conditional registration as a psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Both of these degrees are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council.


Course overview

Course code


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1 year full-time; 2 years part-time


1 year full-time

Availability details


Location Teaching period UAC code QTAC code
Coffs Harbour Session 1 N/A N/A
Gold Coast Session 1 N/A N/A

Fee information

Commonwealth supported


Location Teaching period Annual Fees CRICOS
Coffs Harbour Session 1 $28,800 ($3,600 per unit) 071465A
Gold Coast Session 1 $28,800 ($3,600 per unit) 071465A

Course requirements

See the University’s Rules Relating to Awards, in conjunction with the Specific Award Rules listed below.

Rules concerning Bachelors Degrees with Honours (where Honours is taken as a separate year) can be found under Rule 5 in the University’s Rules Relating to Awards.

The Honours course comprises the equivalent of 8 units of study. To be eligible to receive the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) students must complete the equivalent of 8 units (96 credit points), comprising:

  • PSYC4001,
  • STAT4002,
  • PSYC4003,
  • PSYC4002,
  • STAT4003, and
  • PSYC4004.

Class of Honours

This degree may be awarded in the following classes:
1. First Class;
2. Second Class (Division 1);
3. Second Class (Division 2); or
4. Third Class.

Course progressions

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