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Bachelor of Nursing

Bachelors Degree

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Southern Cross University’s nursing degree provides a combination of coursework and clinical experiences to prepare graduates for a career in the health sector. The degree provides the necessary qualification for graduates to be eligible to become a Registered Nurse in Australia.

Graduate AttributeCourse Learning Outcome
Intellectual rigour

Demonstrate skills in clinical reasoning and decision making and the ability to use and contribute to research as a basis for ongoing professional inquiry and evidence based nursing practice


Incorporate creativity, integrity, responsibility and accountability in work practices, community activities and ongoing learning

Ethical practice

Possess professional attributes and adhere to professional ethical and legal standards set by the profession to ensure safe and effective nursing practice

Knowledge of a discipline

Demonstrate a broad and integrated understanding of the scope of nursing practice and a command of the factors that influence health outcomes

Lifelong learning

Possess sound clinical skills and the ability to apply reflective and analytical skills in initiating, prioritising and managing nursing practice in challenging and diverse circumstances

Communication and social skills

Demonstrate the capacity to work collaboratively in interdisciplinary health care teams and effectively lead the delivery of nursing

Cultural competence

Attain the required level of professional proficiency to meet standards set by the ANMAC for entry to the professional register

Nursing students undertake clinical placements throughout the course in settings relevant to their areas of study, including in government and private hospitals and health agencies throughout New South Wales and south eastern Queensland.

Clinical experience gained through professional placements provides students with hands-on practical experience in a variety of areas including in:

  • Community health
  • Surgical and medical wards
  • Aged care
  • Mental health
  • Indigenous health
  • Child health

Location Teaching period UAC code QTAC code
Coffs Harbour Session 1 , Session 2 335151 055151
Gold Coast Session 1 , Session 2 335164 055471
Lismore Session 1 , Session 2 335101 055011

Career Outcomes

The degree is accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and provides the necessary qualification for graduates to be eligible to become a Registered Nurse in Australia.


We encourage you to apply for the courses you most want to study. If you are not eligible to enter your chosen course right now, our team will work with you to find the best pathway option.

Before applying, make sure you double check all entry requirements, gather required documentation and review the University’s Rules Relating to Awards, noting any specifics listed below.

Course requirements

To be eligible for the award of Bachelor of Nursing, a candidate shall:

  1. successfully complete not less than twenty-four (24) units comprising all units listed in the Schedule of Units attached to these Rules; and
  2. have satisfactorily met the requirements for all professional experience placement.

Student Progression

  1. Candidates are not permitted to have an extended period of more than 18 months between study of any two (2) of the Formation Based Learning Units (Clinical or Professional Experience).
  2. Notwithstanding Student Progression Requirement (a), candidates who have an Interrupted Study Sequence of more than 18 months will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and may be required to undertake a specified supported professional experience placement to ensure clinical currency prior to continuation with the course.
  3. A candidate who has twice not satisfactorily met the requirements in a Formation Based Clinical unit or Professional Experience Placement will either be:
    1. excluded from the award; or
    2. subject to adequately demonstrated grounds of appeal (consistent with University Policy), permitted to re-enrol in a Formation Based Clinical Unit following approval by the Head of School.
  4. A candidate who has failed the equivalent of thirty six (36) credit points within one academic year (three (3) study sessions) will either be:
    1. excluded from the award; or
    2. subject to adequately demonstrated grounds of appeal (consistent with University Rule 2, Section 10), permitted to enrol following approval by the Head of School.


The maximum duration for completion of the award of Bachelor of Nursing is seven (7) years in total which includes any period of leave of absence.


Course structure

Your course progression is in the recommended order you should complete your course in. It is important that you follow this to ensure you meet the course requirements. For further assistance see How to Enrol in Units using My Enrolment.

Students should use course progression information to select units specific to their course and enrol in these units using My Enrolment.

Unit Code Unit Title Available Credit points Level of learning Notes
Contact the School of Health and Human Sciences for this course progression.

Note 1:

Double-weighted unit

Unit Code Unit Title Level of learning Notes

Part A

CMM10580 The Australian Health Care System Introductory
BIO10662 Systemic Anatomy Introductory
NRS10731 The Discipline of Nursing Introductory
NRS10732 Utilising Philosophy in Nursing Practice Introductory
BIO00307 Human Physiology Introductory
NRS10733 Narratives of Health and Illness Introductory
NRS10734 Formation Based Learning: Skills Platform for Nursing Practice Introductory Note 1
MWF10663 Research and Evidence Based Practice Intermediate
PHA00315 Introductory Pharmacology Introductory
NRS20001 Formation Based Learning: Primary Care Introductory Note 1
NRS20002 Clinical Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning Intermediate
NRS20003 Providing Effective Interventions in Mental Health and Psychiatric Contexts Intermediate
NRS20004 Formation Based Learning: Chronic Illness and Nursing Care Intermediate Note 1
NRS30002 Preparation for Entry to Practice Advanced
NRS30001 Utilising Research to Promote Quality in Health Care Advanced
NRS30003 Formation Based Learning: Acute Health Breakdown Advanced Note 1
NRS30005 Complex Challenges in Nursing Care Advanced
NRS30004 Care Management and Leadership Advanced
NRS30006 Formation Based Learning: Transitions in Health Advanced Note 1