Course summary

The Bachelor of Indigenous Studies with Honours is a separate fourth year of study that is undertaken following successful completion of an undergraduate degree in Indigenous Studies or Trauma and Healing. The Honours degree is highly regarded in providing advanced intellectual education in research, analysis and writing or production. As well as a completion point for tertiary study itself, it also represents the starting point for entry into postgraduate and academic research. An Honours degree is an opportunity for intellectual stimulation and achievement, academic development and personal enrichment.

Interested applicants need to contact the University to discuss their eligibility and to find a suitable honours supervisor for their proposed honours topic prior to lodging their application.

Graduate AttributeCourse Learning Outcome
Intellectual rigour

apply critical analysis to Indigenous social and cultural situations and problems.


develop innovative and creative responses to contemporary Indigenous and historical social and cultural issues.

Ethical practice

investigate and evaluate issues with references to principles of social justice and equity in relation to Indigenous peoples.

Knowledge of a discipline

demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to interact in a culturally competent way with Indigenous communities.

Lifelong learning

access, interpret and evaluate sources of information relevant to Indigenous studies.

Communication and social skills

demonstrate a command of one other major area of study.

Cultural competence

Data conversion

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Domestic duration

1 year full-time; 2 years part-time

International duration

1 year full-time

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Lismore 1 N/A N/A

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Commonwealth supported

Course requirements

See the University’s Rules Relating to Awards, in conjunction with the Specific Award Rules listed below.

Rules concerning Bachelors Degrees with Honours (where Honours is taken as a separate year) can be found under Rule 5 in the University’s Rules Relating to Awards.

Students must complete the units listed below.


Note 1: Double-weighted unit