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Bachelor of Business and Enterprise, Bachelor of Arts

Bachelors Double Degree

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    BBusEnt, BA

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Innovation, entrepreneurship and digital communication are key qualities required by the leaders of tomorrow.

The Bachelor of Business and Enterprise, Bachelor of Arts develops these qualities, combining business management skills with a focus on humanities and communication.

You will build core capabilities to support business decision-making, with foundational knowledge in business law, economics and accounting with the opportunity to major in a range of subjects from both business and arts disciplines. You may also elect to specialise in accounting or financial services.

This double degree is a pathway to multiple career options, from journalism to policy development, management to design, public relations to banking and beyond.

Course Learning Outcome

Apply critical analysis, reasoning and reflexivity to social and cultural situations and problems.

Demonstrate the ability to develop a persuasive independent argument incorporating a range of perspectives and evidence.

Develop and create effective solutions to straight forward problems from a discipline area. Critically evaluate, analyse and synthesise a straight forward issue or theory from a discipline area to arrive at a conclusion / decision with justification.

Develop innovative and creative responses to contemporary and historical social, environmental and cultural issues.

Apply knowledge and skills creatively in devising solutions to challenges related to a business discipline.

Investigate and evaluate issues with reference to principles of social justice and equity and according to ethical conventions.

Demonstrate understanding of cross-sector and cross-cultural differences in ethics and morality.

Describe and apply a recognised ethical framework to analyse behaviour in a discipline or workplace/ organisation. Apply discipline based knowledge and skills in situations that require autonomy and well-developed responsible behaviour.

Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of society and culture in chosen disciplines of study.

Apply disciplinary knowledge to diverse contexts.

Demonstrate and apply in-depth discipline specific knowledge and skills with a global perspective. Demonstrate an understanding and application of research, analytical and technical skills in a broad business discipline.

Access, interpret and evaluate information to inform decision-making and action.

Reflect on, assess and self-regulate own learning capabilities and performance.

Investigate and identify a broad range of leadership practices in the management of people and self.

Demonstrate the ability to effectively participate in and reflect upon self and team activities in general business situations.

Prepare and deliver well developed discipline advice, knowledge and ideas orally for a business and public context. Prepare and deliver well developed and justified, discipline advice using written communications suitable for business and public contexts.

Communicate effectively in a variety of forms, including in working autonomously or collaboratively.

Demonstrate cultural competence in local, Australian-wide and international settings as applied in business and social situations.

Demonstrate a commitment to multicultural perspectives.

Develop awareness of knowledge and skills needed to engage in a culturally competent way with Indigenous peoples.

You can choose a double-weighted internship unit to get practical experience and build professional networks.

There are opportunities to intern or study abroad to expand your global experience.

Majors available in the Bachelor of Business and Enterprise include:

  • Aviation Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Specialisations available in the Bachelor of Business and Enterprise include:

  • Accounting
  • Financial Services.

Majors available in the Bachelor of Arts include:

  • History
  • Creative Writing
  • Cultural Studies
  • Digital Media
  • Political and International Relations.

Location Teaching period UAC code QTAC code
Gold Coast Session 1 , Session 2 , Session 3 N/A N/A
Online Session 1 , Session 2 , Session 3 N/A N/A

Career Outcomes

The Accounting specialisation in the Bachelor of Business and Enterprise has been developed to align with the competency standards of CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

The Financial Services specialisation in the Bachelor of Business and Enterprise has been developed to align with industry requirements and regulatory requirements (e.g. FASEA). Accreditation is pending.


We encourage you to apply for the courses you most want to study. If you are not eligible to enter your chosen course right now, our team will work with you to find the best pathway option.

Before applying, make sure you double check all entry requirements, gather required documentation and review the University’s Rules Relating to Awards, noting any specifics listed below.

Course requirements

To be eligible to receive the Bachelor of Business and Enterprise, Bachelor of Arts, students must complete the equivalent of 32 units (384 credit points), comprising:

  • 8 core units (96 credit points),
  • 1 Arts major (96 credit points), and
  • Business and Enterprise Financial Services Specialisation (192 credit points),
    Business and Enterprise Accounting Specialisation (144 credit points) and the equivalent of 4 Arts elective units (48 credit points),
    1 Business and Enterprise major (96 credit points) and the equivalent of 4 Arts elective units (48 credit points) and 4 Business and Enterprise elective units (48 credit points).

Course structure

Unit Code Unit Title Notes

Core Units

BUSN1004 Starting a Business
BUSN1006 Solving Wicked Problems
BUSN1007 The Interconnected World
BUSN2001 Professional Development for the Workplace
CLST2002 Australia, Asia and the World
CLST1004 Critical Thinking for Digital Times
CLST1005 Unruly Subjects: Citizenship
WRIT1003 Written Communication

Business and Enterprise Majors and Specialisations

Unit Code Unit Title Notes
BUSN2005 Airline Operations
LAWS2029 Aviation Regulation and Law
MGMT3002 Human Factors in Aviation
MGMT3003 Airport Management
TOUR2005 Aviation Management
TOUR2012 Transport for Sustainability
BUSN2010 Service Design Thinking
PROJ5001 Project Management

Unit Code Unit Title Notes
ACCT3003 Business Analytics and Big Data
ISYS3006 Business Analysis Project
MATH1003 Quantitative Methods with Economics
STAT1001 Statistical Analysis
ISYS1006 Introduction to Computing for Data Analytics
ISYS2004 Business and Market Intelligence
ISYS2003 Data Visualisation and Representation

Unit Code Unit Title Notes
BUSN2003 Intrapreneurship
BUSN2008 Applied Social Entrepreneurship
BUSN2009 The Founder's Journey
BUSN2010 Service Design Thinking
MRKT2007 Digital Marketing Strategies
BUSN3010 Innovation Ecosystems
BUSN3009 Entrepreneurial Finance
BUSN3011 New Venture Creation

Unit Code Unit Title Notes
ACCT1002 Financial Accounting
ACCT2001 Taxation
ACCT2002 Financial Reporting
ACCT2003 Management Accounting
ACCT2007 Finance for Business
ACCT3001 Advanced Taxation
ACCT3002 Advanced Management Accounting
ACCT3004 Auditing
ECON1001 Economics for Decision Making
LAWS2001 Company Law
LEGL1003 Introduction to Business Law
STAT1001 Statistical Analysis

Unit Code Unit Title Notes
ACCT2001 Taxation
ACCT2007 Finance for Business
BUSN3003 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
BUSN3005 Internship A Note 1
ECON1001 Economics for Decision Making
FINC2002 Behavioural Finance and Client Relationships
FINC2007 Insurance and Risk Management
FINC2004 Superannuation and Retirement Planning
FINC2005 Principles of Financial Planning
FINC3001 Investments and Portfolio Management
FINC3003 Estate Planning
LAWS2001 Company Law
LEGL1003 Introduction to Business Law
STAT1001 Statistical Analysis
FINC2006 Ethics and Professionalism

Arts Majors

Unit Code Unit Title Notes
WRIT1001 Introduction to Written Texts
WRIT1002 Introduction to Creative Writing
WRIT2004 Short Story Writing
WRIT2005 Writing Genre
WRIT2001 Issues and Themes in Contemporary Writing
WRIT3001 Theories of Text and Culture
One unit from the following:
WRIT2003 Writing Lives
WRIT2006 Writing for Young People
WRIT2007 Writing Poetry
WRIT3002 Introduction to Editing and Publishing
COMM3004 Independent Project
COMM3002 Professional Placement

Unit Code Unit Title Notes
COMM3004 Independent Project
CLST1001 Perspectives on Australia
CLST1003 Doing Cultural Studies
CLST2001 Culture, Technology and the Senses
CLST2004 Gender, Sexuality and Culture
CLST2005 Space, Place and Travel
CLST3002 Borderlands: Identity, Culture and Belonging
CLST3003 EcoCultural Studies

Unit Code Unit Title Notes
COMM3002 Professional Placement
MDIA1001 Media Studies
MDIA1002 Visual Communication and Design
MDIA1003 Digital Media Practices
MDIA1004 Journalism in the Digital Age
MDIA2002 Essential Screen Skills
MDIA2006 Film Studies
MDIA3001 Advanced Screen Production

Unit Code Unit Title Notes
CLST2003 Australian Cultural History
CLST2006 Road Trip
EDUC3016 Interdisciplinary Studies of History and Time
HIST1001 Making History
HIST1002 US History: From Reconstruction to Globalization
HIST2001 Writing Place: Landscapes, Memory, History
HIST3001 Community History Research Project
INDG1009 Colonising Histories

Unit Code Unit Title Notes
POLT1001 Australian Politics
POLT2001 Ideas and Ideals in Politics
POLT2002 Local Government
POLT2003 Global Social Movements
POLT2004 Analysing Policy Problems
POLT3001 Peace, War and International Politics
POLT3002 Justice in World Politics
POLT3003 Environmental Politics

Arts Elective Units

Choose elective units from the Bachelor of Arts degree, ensuring at least one (1) unit is at an advanced level of learning.

Business and Enterprise Elective Units

Choose elective units from any Business and Enterprise or Tourism major/specialisation, and/or choose from the following list:
BUSN3005 Internship A Note 1
BUSN3006 Internship B Note 1
BUSN3007 Industry Project I
BUSN3008 Industry Project II