Course summary

If you have a way with words and a story to tell, this degree will help build your confidence and provide professional feedback to assist in becoming published. Immerse yourself in the world of words and develop the critical and editorial skills you need to pursue a career as a writer.

Excellent writing skills are in high demand across a range of different professions, and the ability to communicate ideas is invaluable in any sector. The course offers a rich mix of creative writing and literary studies across a range of writing modes in fiction and nonfiction, including experimental writing, journalism, life writing, poetry, writing for stage and screen, and writing for young adults.

Graduates of the Associate Degree of Creative Writing may also choose to continue to study for another year and complete their Bachelor of Arts.

This program is taught by writers from the Northern Rivers arts community and beyond. It provides opportunities for hands-on experience with the Byron Writers Festival, the Bellingen Readers Writers Festival and other literary events. The University is also the education partner of Northern Rivers Performing Arts (NORPA).

While this course has no majors, studies in fiction and non-fiction writing include:
  • Experimental writing
  • Journalism
  • Life writing
  • Poetry
  • Writing for stage and screen
  • Writing for young adults.

Graduate AttributeCourse Learning Outcome
Intellectual rigour

Apply critical analysis, reasoning and reflexivity to creative writing practices.

Demonstrate the ability to develop a creative written piece incorporating a range of writing techniques.


Develop innovative and creative textual responses to explore contemporary and historical social and cultural issues.

Ethical practice

Investigate and evaluate issues with reference to principles of creativity, according to ethical conventions in the humanities.

Knowledge of a discipline

Demonstrate a critical understanding of practices of creativity using a variety of conceptual frameworks.

Demonstrate a command of at least one discipline within the range of writing genres. Apply theoretical ideas to understand and manage practical situations in creative writing.

Lifelong learning

Access, interpret and evaluate sources of information relevant to the study of creativity and the writing discipline.

Communication and social skills

Construct and present narratives in written text.

Negotiate contested issues and work collaboratively with others to achieve mutually agreed outcomes.

Cultural competence

Demonstrate a cosmopolitan and multicultural commitment as well as a local perspective on social and cultural issues.

Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to interact in a culturally competent way with Indigenous communities.

Opportunities exist for writing students to undertake work placements with Northern Rivers Performing Arts (NORPA), the Byron Writers Festival, and the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival. Students can choose a professional placement unit during which they can spend 70 - 100 hours in an appropriate organisation.

Course overview

Course code


Course abbreviation


Credit points


Equivalent units


Domestic duration

2 years full-time; 4 years part-time

International duration

2 years full-time

Availability details


Location Session UAC code QTAC code
Lismore 1 333301 053301
Online 1 N/A N/A

Domestic fees

Commonwealth supported


Location Session Annual Fees CRICOS
Lismore 1 $24,000 ($3,000 per unit) 040061M

Course requirements

See the University’s Rules Relating to Awards, in conjunction with the Specific Award Rules listed below.

  1. To be eligible for the award of Associate Degree of Creative Writing a candidate shall successfully complete not less than sixteen (16) units (192 credit points) comprising:
    1. all units listed in Part A; and
    2. three (3) units from Part B
  2. A candidate who while enrolled in the Associate Degree of Creative Writing has completed 8 units from either Part A or Part B may elect to be awarded a Diploma of Creative Writing following withdrawal from candidature for the Associate Degree.

Course progressions

Students should use course progression information to select units specific to their course and enrol in these units using My Enrolment

Title Level of learning Note
Part-time students should complete the first two units for Year 1, Session 2 and the remaining two units for Year 2, Session 1 and so on.
Year 1, Session 2
COM10295 - Written Communication Introductory
WRI10001 - Introduction to Creative Writing Introductory
WRI10003 - Short Story Writing Intermediate
COM10627 - Telling Tales: Introduction to Digital Storytelling Introductory
Year 1, Session 3
ENG00407 - Writing for Performance Intermediate
Year 2, Session 1
ENG00400 - Introduction to Written Texts Introductory
WRI10002 - The Nature of Narrative: Self, Time, Place and the Environment Intermediate
WRI20002 - Introduction to Editing and Publishing Advanced
ENG00411 - Writing Genre Intermediate
Year 2, Session 2
ENG00401 - Issues and Themes in Contemporary Writing Intermediate
WRI20001 - Writing for Young People Intermediate
WRI20003 - Writing Poetry Intermediate
WRI20004 - Writing Lives Intermediate
Year 3, Session 1
Choose three (3) from:
HIS10018 - Writing Place: Landscapes, Memory, History Intermediate
ENG00406 - Theories of Text and Culture Advanced
AAD72205 - Artists' Books Intermediate
ENG10022 - Writing from the Edge Advanced
COM01402 - Act One: Screenwriting Intermediate